Delyan Peevski unveils why MRF supports the project of PP-DB to amend the Constitution

The project for amending the Constitution was submitted by the three parties - PP-DB, GERB and DPS. Members of parliament Erten Anisova (MRF), Deislava Atanasova (GERB-UDF) and Nadezhda Yordanova (PP-DB) filed the project with the respective archival department of the National Assembly on July 28.  

Our decision is to support the project of We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria (PP-DB) with the participation of GERB - they have added some details. We support them unconditionally, and we will not bring our proposals. This was announced to the media by the Movement for Rights and Freedoms MP Delyan Peevski after the parliamentary groups of PP-DB, GERB-UDF and MRF submitted to the National Assembly the general draft law on amendments and additions to the Constitution. It was signed by 166 members of parliament.

The MRF sets just one condition - that the mayors should not have a limited number of mandates to two, Peevski pointed out.

For the time being, MRF supports the proposal to make May 24 the national holiday. We will ponder on the matter and consult experts, Delyan Peevski also said.

The MRF gave up its project for changes to the Constitution in order to have unity, for Bulgaria to have a new Constitution, to carry out the judicial reform and to move forward, Peevski declared. He expressed confidence that the amendments will be passed by the New Year.

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