MRF wins in 5 regions, improves election results again

The Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) won the early parliamentary elections on April 2, in five traditional for the Movement successful regions - Kardzhali, Razgrad, Targovishte, Shumen and Silistra. The Movement received 346 437 ballots or 13.72% of the vote of all Bulgarians and will have 36 MPs, equal to the number of the previous parliament.

In Kardzhali, the victory of MRF is more than decisive. In the district, where the leader of the list is the chairman Mustafa Karadayi, the MRF has an impressive 47 433 votes (70.2%), securing all the 4 parliamentary mandates of the region.

In Razgrad, where the leader on the list of the MRF is its deputy chairman Ahmed Ahmedov, the Movement is also the absolute leader. With 100% processed results, MRF receives 18 547 votes (44.42%). They are more than double of those of both GERB and the coalition of "We continue the change" - "Democratic Bulgaria".

MRF also won the race in Targovishte region, where Ceyhan Ibryamov is the leader. The result of MRF is 11 844 ballots (33.24%), or more than 4000 votes ahead of the second in the ranking - GERB.

In Shumen, where Mustafa Karadayi leads the list of the Movement again, MRF has 14 548 votes (26.06%).

In Silistra, where professor Jevdet Chakarov is on top of the list, the Movement is once again categorically the first political power with 12 414 ballots (30.35%).

For the fifth consecutive election, the DPS increased its result. The movement has been on an upward trend since the April 4, 2021 elections, gaining wider support with each subsequent vote.

MRF reported better results on April 2, 2023 in more than 12 other regions. The largest increase is in Blagoevgrad and Pazardzhik regions, where the candidate list is led by Delyan Peevski, in Stara Zagora region where Deputy Chairman Halil Letifov is the leader, in Veliko Tarnovo Region led by Deputy Chairman Yordan Tsonev, in Vidin Region led by Deputy Chairman Stanislav Anastasov , in the Varna region, where the leader of the list is Filiz Hyusmenova, in the Vratsa region, where the leader of the list is Tsvetan Enchev, in the Ruse region, where the leader of the list is Alizan Yahova, in the Smolyan region, where the leader is Khairi Sadakov, and in the city of Plovdiv, where first on the list is Tanner Ali.

MRF will spend every effort to achieve the formation of the stable government of Bulgaria. Let's solve people's problems with reasoning, responsibility, and dialogue, the leader of the MRF Mustafa Karadayi told the first after-election news conference.

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