Except for the political parties, we need to see what other legal entities have been funded by Nexo and Nexo Capital, and their related companies, Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) leader Mustafa Karadayi told the debates in parliament on the creation of an interim committee to establish all the facts and circumstances regarding Nexo's activities. Karadayi suggested that the committee's mandate should state that it examines the activities of not only Nexo, but also Nexo Capital, and their related companies, in connection with potential illegal activity, including ties with persons and structures funding terrorism and organised crime, as well as the financing of political parties and other legal entities.

We see that it is clearly a matter of an oligarchic-media circle Nexo and Nexo Capital, which has its own rings of parties. And not only parties, but also media, NGOs, and others, Mustafa Karadayi pointed out. He called for the whole issue to be clarified.

We have tried more than once from the rostrum of the National Assembly, and through the media, to talk about this oligarchic circle. These are people, who found themselves on the losing side at the end of communism and are now trying to privatise the right-wing political space in Bulgaria, just as they privatised the labour of two or three generations of Bulgarians. People who are trying to privatise democracy and the Euro-Atlanticism in Bulgaria, in spite of having no contribution to them, the MRF leader added.

These people are pretending to be political engineers and to affect the entire political sphere in Bulgaria. In fact, they have turned into right-wing Bolsheviks as they have been trying for years to be the “moral judges” in Bulgaria and to paint a black image of true democrats and Euro-Atlanticists, Mustafa Karadai said in an outrage.

These “moral judges” of Bulgaria think that they are allowed to violate the Constitution and the laws of the country and, as an axiom, stick labels on their opponents who respect the Constitution and the rule of law, Karadayi also said and insisted that the whole truth be brought to light.

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