The topic of "Magnisky" will perhaps come up on the agenda very soon with several queries: Would it not be appropriate now to ask our Euro-Atlantic partners about the things that have come out in the investigation of their prosecutors on the Nexo crypto affair? What about the investigation of their Bulgarian colleagues? Maybe also what will the interim committee in the National Assembly discover? And most of all whether there will be the need to impose true sanctions under the Magnitsky Act on other persons who all the time presented themselves as carriers of the Euro-Atlantic idea. And in fact, they turned out to be only carriers of their own interest. This was stated by the deputy chairman of the 48th National Assembly, Yordan Tsonev, during the debates on the setting of an interim parliamentary committee to establish all the facts and circumstances regarding the activities of Nexo and its related companies.

Tsonev stressed that according to the facts of the investigation that are surfacing, the Capital circle has advertised the activities of Nexo and Nexo Capital.

Here we are talking about 8 state prosecutor’s offices that have investigated the company for crimes on the territory of the respective US states. The Magnitsky Act does not cover this, Tsonev said, responding to a remark by Radostin Vassilev from "We continue the change" political party.

There is not a single proof of the Magnitsky sanction regarding our colleague Delyan Peevski. Precisely the opposite. We conducted our investigation in Bulgaria and found that such data does not exist in any Bulgarian institution, neither for the golden passports, nor for anything else, Tsonev categorically said.

Now this sanction is to be decided by a US court, as Mr. Peevski is appealing it, Tsonev recanted. And reported: “Our investigation came across a very interesting fact. Those who framed Mr. Peevski, they were the ones that sold the golden passports. And this will now be proven in the US court. They are again the Capital circle, and now the Nexo circle.”

The Magnitsky sanctions, which we disagree upon, are not the product of an investigation by the US authorities. They are the product of an accusation fabricated in Bulgaria, which reached the point of sanctioning through the “proper” channels. We tried as a political party to conduct our own political investigation and it happened before your eyes - with penned questions and answers to all our institutions. And it turned out that Bulgarian institutions do not have any data, they did not send anything to the US, Yordan Tsonev recalled.

The Capital circle has compromised the Euro-Atlantic idea in Bulgaria. These people from the Capital circle - the NGOs, the media, the economic team, the analysts, they strengthen Euroscepticism among the Bulgarian citizens with this action of theirs. That is why we turn to our Euro-Atlantic partners with pain, Tsonev said.

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