Yordan Tsonev to Bulgaria’s EU and NATO partners: Capital media circle uses Euro-Atlantic values as a cover, creates chaos and prevents Bulgaria from achieving stability!

MRF will not allow it to steal the geopolitical choice our country has made, the MRF deputy chairman uncompromisingly said

Why have four parliaments produced unstable majorities and have been unable to form a government? The answer came from the deputy chairman of the 48th National Assembly Yordan Tsonev in a speech from the parliament’s rostrum.

On the first day of the elections under the dictate of the television channels of the Capital media circle, 20 ‘talking heads’ of this circle started shaping the public opinion telling us what cannot happen. On October 2, when the election results were not yet out, they rushed to the tv studios and started talking about how a government will not be formed, how it cannot be done, Yordan Tsonev said. And he asked: "Will the talking heads be telling us who can't work with whom? Does Smilov say who can't work with whom? What about the other sociologists and political commentators?".

"It is the Bulgarian people that decide who can work with whom! The people decided, if they sent us here, that each of us can work with any other", the deputy chairman of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) categorically said.

The voters want a government from us. They say: stop fighting, find a common language, and form a cabinet, Yordan Tsonev said.

"I want to address our Euro-Atlantic partners as well. The Capital circle is preventing Bulgaria from achieving actual stability - political, economic, and any other kind. This circle speculates that it employs Euro-Atlantic values ​​in Bulgaria. It does not employ anything. It causes chaos. It implements personal politics and defends personal interests", Tsonev said.

The Capital circle, their media, political commentators, sociologists, and analysts have nothing to do with Euro-Atlantic values. This circle is a front for their own interests. They also deceive the embassies of our Euro-Atlantic partners that they are committed to the respectable values. It is a cover, Yordan Tsonev said.

These are people who have repeatedly defended both Russian and Chinese and all kinds of economic interests hidden behind Euro-Atlantic idea, he pointed out. And recalled that the Bulgarian people sent 172 representatives to the parliament from parties that declare Euro-Atlantic values as their commitment.

If this is true, there is a constitutional majority in the National Assembly. Why isn't it happening then? Because they are pseudo apologists to the Atlantic values. Because they create chaos, uncertainty, political crisis - that's what is profitable for them, Tsonev adamantly said.

He recalled that even while the Warsaw Pact still existed, Dr. Ahmed Dogan said from the rostrum of the parliament: "Our way is NATO!" Then the children of the former communist leaders, who today are the most passionate anti-communists and Euro-Atlantic supporters, were hiding. Meanwhile, they managed to privatise the Euro-Atlantic idea, Tsonev emphasised.

Let me tell them loudly from this tribune - the MRF will not allow these people to steal the geopolitical choice of Bulgaria, made by some of the parties, even by paying in blood, Yordan Tsonev said. And he assured: "They must stop interfering. Because we will continue to explain to our Euro-Atlantic partners that these people are interfering!".

They prevent us from being a loyal partner, they prevent Bulgaria from having financial stability and from being the true southern flank of NATO. They hinder! With the political instability they create in the name of their own economic interest, Tsonev pointed out.

"I declare that there is no talk of a cabinet because of the public environment that is created by the media that has been conquered by the Capital circle and the commentators gathered in there, who have been repeating the same thing for 25 years," the deputy chairman of the parliament said.

When their proxies are in power, everything is all right, everything is moral, everything is accurate, there is no corruption, everything is good. However, when they cannot form a government then come and see what is happening – and what is happening is what you have been watching for two months," Tsonev indignantly said.

And he emphasised: "This speech of mine is in line with my conscience. My conscience tells me: Bulgarian voters sent us to parliament not to listen to the talking heads, but to think with our heads and try to form a cabinet. Then we will have both a budget and a social policy, and financial stability; we will solve both the economic crisis and the energy crisis. There will be someone to bear responsibility."

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